Clawgrinder fordogs and cats,30 decibels super-quiet noise nail grinder


Clawgrinder fordogs and cats,30 decibels super-quiet noise nail grinder
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  • Safer and More Efficient – Nail grinder has a diamond grinding wheel, brass shaft and safe protective cap, can sharpen pet nails quickly and safely without worrying about cuts or bleeding.
  • USB Charging – Advanced 2000mA lithium battery for fast charging and long working hours. USB charging function that allows you to work quickly and easily anytime, anywhere. You can charge the claw grinder with computers, power banks when the battery is empty. Charging for 3.5 hours, sustainable work for 16 hours.
  • Adjustable speed – Unlike the two-speed speed, our dog nail trimmers are equipped with a stepless speed control. You can set the most suitable speed for grinding the nail according to the hardness of the nail. With more speed options, you can safely and efficiently clip dogs and small animals’ nails.
  • Quiet and low vibration – Exclusively when using a high quality motor, the torque is regulated to 30 dB while the torque is increased, and it can even polish the metal. Do not let the puppy and the small animals be disturbed by the noise anymore, the nail care of large breeds is no longer strenuous.
  • Suitable for all animal sizes – the claw grinder has three size port, the trimmer is suitable for small, medium and large pets with different sized nails. Depending on your pet’s size and nail, you can choose a suitable port and speed for nail grinding hardness.

Product descriptions

Color: white

Nail mill for dogs, with USB charging function and powerful nail clipper for gentle paw care for dogs, cats and other small and medium-sized pets. 


Main material: ABS

Charger: USB interface, 5 V, 1000 mA

Charging coil: micro USB cable.

Input: 5 V, 1000 mA.

Battery capacity: 2000 mAh.

Battery type: 18650 lithium battery

Charging time: approx. 3.5 hours.

Running time: 20 hours

Speed: 4500-7500 RPM

Size: 3.3 * 3.3 * 16cm (with cover)


Step 1: Charge this nail grinder with USB for almost 2 hours.

Step 2: Depending on the size and characteristics of the pet, choose the right connector for your pet.

Step 3: Holding the grinder with one of your hands, holding the pet pads with the other hand, gently place the nail in a port and then start grinding.

Step 4: remove the plastic cover

Scope of delivery: 

1 x Pet Nail Mill

1 x USB cable

1 x paper box

1 x instruction manual (in English)


1. Please charge the battery before using the product for the first time.

2. Do not use the adapter whose output voltage is ≥ 5 V to charge this dog nail grinder.

3. Put your pets in a high place so that they behave well while they grind.

4. After sanding, gently clean the surface of the nail grinder with damp paper or a cloth to remove the nail powder and keep the grinding wheel sharp.