Skyscraper from recycled tenant waste

With the collaboration of the French studio Chartier-Corbasson and the British Air Force, a plan was built to build a skyscraper that is entirely composed of garbage made by its tenants.

This “organic” skyscraper, which should be built in London, will be lined with plates of recycled paper and plastic waste.

The tower would “grow” over time, depending on how much waste the tenants produce, and the architects expect the facade to be fully finished in a year, CroEnergo writes .

The construction of such a skyscraper seeks to reduce waste and reduce construction costs.

The initial skeleton of the building would be made of jews reminiscent of bamboo scaffolding, in which recycled elements would later be incorporated.

When finished, the skyscraper should have the appearance of a narrow and high pyramid filled with transparent panels of recycled glass and plastic to allow maximum entry of daylight into the living space.

Prefabricated scaffolding would grow along with the skyscraper, thus ensuring the organic growth of the building in line with the demand for housing.

A recycling plant would be installed on the roof of the skyscraper, while on the ground floor there would be a yard for collecting various materials such as glass, plastic and paper.

All the waste from the tenants will be used to build the building in which they live.The pipes that make up the structural part of the facade would have built-in mini wind farms so that the skyscraper, in addition to recycling the tenants’ waste, would be able to produce sufficient amounts of energy to power elevators, lighting and other parts of the building.